onsdag 30 mars 2011

March Zva Blog Hop Winners announced

We'd like to congratulate the FIVE March Zva Blog Hop winners! Their names will be found on the following blogs:

Lou Collins
Camilla Ekman
Angelica Franssen
Windy Robinson
Gail Lindner

One winner from each of the 5 blogs will receive a Zva prize package worth $30.00. Congrats winners!

And I have drawn a random winner.......

It is......

Blogger Nicole sa...

so very beautiful - just the right amount of bling.. and that flower is a must-have!

Congrats!!! Send me an email with your address to camilla-e[at]live.se or leave me a comment in this post.

2 kommentarer:

Nicole sa...

YAY! I am sooo excited, i just about squealed out loud (and i'm at work!) hehe Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nicole sa...

Oh yes! I will email you as soon as i get home (in 4-5 hours to give you my address)! :)